Tuesday, 25 July 2017

guardians of the glaxay

Guardians of the Galaxy
Space Narrative

What has happened to the earth?
Explain that you’re leaving earth and the reasons that you are leaving.
Character: tehillah,santana.    Because the earth is dying.

One unexpected morning tehillah and santana woke up to hear the news that they would have to leave earth and find a new home. Tehillah and santana looked out of the bedroom window and he could see black smoke in the air and fire starting to spread`across the street. He yelled at santana we need to get out of here quickly santana and tehillah ran out the house with the clothes on their back and ran to their rocket ship in the backyard.
Paragraph 1
Arriving at the new planet they you have come across.
What are the problems with this planet?
As we arrived at our new plant but there was a problem all the planets had disappeared except for  mars..
Paragraph 2
Time for the Action! What’s happening with the problem?  Are you exploring the planet? Defending yourself? Building a city?
thinking should we go to mars not so we all said yes so we moved to  mars.
I was exploring the animals that was living on the planet they were different king of animals but i took photo of it and it was afraid of us but by the we meet it started liking us.

We started on the city homes for us to live in and santana and tehillah was so excited for building  a new home we used the trees to make a house with wwe put them together and the animals help with it.
Paragraph 3
The final action scene. The end of the problem that you have encountered in this plant!
The problem was solved we would live on venus
How will you live on the planet now that the problem is solved.
The problem was solved we are living on venus for now we have plenty of food water on the planet and meat and there were a lot of creature  to meet.

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