Friday, 6 October 2017

me and my mum spending time together

Me and my mum spending time together

In  the morning i was sleeping. My mum woke me up at 10:00 because we were going out together to do mum and me time. So when we were getting ready. When we were ready. We went outside and started walking down kawiti avenue we were talking about what should we do so first we went to go and meet tei aria mum then they were talking for a little while because she was in a rush she was going to work. First we went to go and check out the bakery but we didn't get anything because it was a long line so we went to get a clolor for my cat girly and a bowl so we got that. I saw another bakery next door so we went to go get a feed because we were hungry we sat there the shop’s but there was seats i was the first one to finished then we went to see in the shop’s what i got is a play board game two of them. When we were buying them it costed 6.00 dollars. After we went to packer save to buy us some more food to eat then we called a taxi for us to go home.

                    The END


  1. Hi Maria ,
    What an Outstanding Post spending time with your mum and what an adventure u had ..... Keep up the hard work

    From Lillyana

  2. wow marie that is one off my favourite part of spending time with my mum