Tuesday, 17 October 2017

musical madness

Today on mon 16 oct  we are learning to make musical madness like make your own music.
Like make music out of movies,music band. Today we are also going to make our own one’s that is so fun to make music it like our power to move our body. It gives you some ideas well you dance it make your emotions like happy,sad,angry,crazy.  It’s like you love dancing,singing. And moving around. It was like You were born to dance move your body get some energy. You guys all got a lot of talent with music when it’s around. There’s music everywhere at your home,city's,forest,wind. And the whole school gets to make there own music.
It is about making music listening to music dancing to  the music. For the other teams they are doing the same as our’s there making there own music and listening to it does it  sound good then they get to post it on there blog. dancing, listening to music dancing in the car well the music on. and learning to make music.What i think is they have chosen a good theme because i love the music and a lot of people like music and having fun with the music. They have made a movie and they showed  us the movie’s term 4 it was so funny and the term 3 it was funny when they lip sync in the story and the teacher’s even like music too.

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