Monday, 11 September 2017

earth and space

  Earth and space
One sunny morning we woke up and me and john we look out the window there was something covering the sun. So we went outside of the house and there was a lot of people looking outside so we went  inside. To  get our  stuff  so we can leave. We hop in our rocket. The rocket we hid underground .I was so scared but the ship started destroyed our planet earth that was our only planet but they  destroyed it. So we were travelling through space it was incredible  we went past the moon and we saw all the planets we know we went past mars and all the planets santana said we should lived on mars. John said yea shore but won’t there be any other creature staying on that planet and  we can meet them and they can show us the whole planet when we land on mars.It was all red but we grow some trees and other foods we brang seeds and water there is a lot of sun so we built  a shelter in case the sun burns the plants. And then we got some wood and started building our own  house to stay in  so we don’t sleep outside so we were nice and warm when we woke up we saw some different people outside they were green they had one eye and they do speak our languages they said to us do you want to look at our  place santana and john. They said ok we just moved her because planet earth has been destroyed by this horrible ship and our people had died we are the only one that survive so we came to this planet. Was that ok if we stayed on  this planet. We don’t have any other planet to stay.
You guys are always welcome you can explore the planet. When we got home it was night when we got back so we went to sleep happily ever after.  The end

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