Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Year 6 Camp 2017

On tuesday 21th we were getting ready to go to kawau island we pack everything in the  bus we catch the ferry  when we were there they boys were doing a haka and when we went off we got some bags and took them back on the deck.
The first thing we did is walking and walking and more walking when we went to the top hopa got a rock and put it on the pale of rocks and prayed and we went to the next one and we all saw the sea and when we went down it was hard because it hill and you might addilee run down the hill and hurt yourself
In kawau A i was with sam he was our adult and what we did is i forgot i think it was  building.
We did kayaking i think when we went out we  were hopping on the boat pushing it and then when we're out we went out to sea we didn't even see kawau island but it was fun i didn't want to get off but we had a race i was in the race but i took my time when we got there we help each other with their boat erin said when you get there you help the other with their boat.. thank for the people that cook for us look after us and keep us safe and we all had fun at the end of the day when we were going back.
What i enjoyed is going kayaking because that's my favorite activities because i love going kayaking playing games being with the sea and spending time with your friends

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