Thursday, 29 March 2018

because i said so

Because I Said So?
WALT: justify our ideas using conjunctions.

Why should we have separate - We should be having a school with girls and boys school
so we can all be together and be happy other school have a girl school that's not aloud
to have boys in only girls and there is a boy school that only have boys. And we should have a
talk with the gravement saying can you put girls and boys in the same school so
we can learn how to respect a girl and a girl respect a boy. Then they can friends and
we won’t have anymore fight and you could get some help from boys in learning and boys
ask the girl is they could get help and we should use kind words.

  1. We should be learning with boys and girls
  2. We should be respecting boys and girls
  3. We should be helping girls and boys
  4. We should be talking with boys and girls
  5. We should not  be fight each other

Because we are not like that’s why we should be in the same school and learn to be nice to
one another so when we grow up we will be nice to girls and boys.

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