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Day 4: Another World War (1939-1945)

Day 4: Another World War (1939-1945)

At the end of the 1930s, the world has been shaken once more by the start of\
another World War (WWII). World War Two started on the 1st of September,
1939 when an army from Germany invaded a country called Poland. Two days later,
England and France declared war on Germany and WWII began.

Activity 1: An Eventful Experience

WWII was made up of many battles and events. Follow this link to read more about
the timeline of WWII.

Choose two key events and find out some more information about what happened on
those days. On your blog, write a short summary of two events, including the names
of people involved and where the event happened.

  1. What  happened is that there was a war happening in new zealand   and my great
  2. great grandfather was in world war 2 but he past away my mum told me about  
  3. it was so sad he was involved

Activity 2:  A Call to Arms

Over the course of WWII, approximately 140,000 New Zealanders were sent overseas
serve in the war. Many were sent to fight in huge battles, including the Battle of the
Atlantic that lasted for 2064 days (over 5 years)! The Battle of the Atlantic came to an
end in 1943, in large part due to the heroic efforts of people like Lloyd Trigg, a pilot
from New Zealand. He was awarded a special medal from the New Zealand Governmen
t for his bravery. It is called a Victoria Cross (‘VC’ for short). A total of 22 New
Zealanders have been awarded VCs.

Click on this link to find a list of VC winners. Choose one from the Second World War,
and read about him. On your blog tell us about him. Who was he? What did he do to
earn a Victoria Cross medal?

Who was he ? Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu

What did he  do to earn a victoria cross medal? By coming back alive and working
hard focusing on the war not playing around its war a cause your going to die if you
play around to earn one is to listen follow your instructions and fight for your country
Bonus Activity: Women at Work

Both men and women served in World War II. Many women choose to enlist as nurses
and be stationed overseas caring for wounded soldiers. My nana was one of those
nurses. She (Dorothy) spent much of World War II working on a large Red Cross ship
that was stationed off the coast of Cairo, Egypt.   

For this activity, you are going to imagine that you are just like Dorothy and that you
are working as a nurse on a large medical ship.

Complete the story provided above. To earn full points you must write, at least
, 8-10 sentences. What happens next?

One day you are walking along the deck of the ship when you hear a loud bang.
\You start to run as you see smoke coming from the far end of the ship.
You run towards the room where your patients are waiting to receive treatment from
the doctor. Just as you arrive at the door to their room you hear another loud bang
and you freak out what is that noise it’s scaring me ok ummmmmm what is happening
in there what was that big noise.
I just heard it from the next room is everything ok in there.
Yes everything is Ok i be there in a moment ok.
I was waiting inside waiting then she came out and said hi  
dorothy said do you need help she said no im ok well i need to go now
it was nice seeing you again ok bye dorothy said bye she started walking out the end.

!!!!!!BONUS POINTS: 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey there Maria, thanks for working so hard and completing another set of activities!

    I really like your story that you have written. It sounds like a very scary situation to be caught up in, especially if you are a nurse and not trying to harm anyone just help people.

    Have you written many stories before?

    Thanks, Billy