Wednesday, 2 May 2018

100 words challenge

today I came back from work I was feeling sick a little. Because I stayed up then I fell asleep. I came back home. When I came home I heard something in the bathroom. I went to get the bat for my protection so I don't get hurt. So I walk up the stairs quietly then I walk to the bathroom was misty. I saw the shower on so I went in there and I shouted:" there is a man in my house" I ran to my room and grab the phone to ring the police. so the police got him then they went out.


  1. Hi Maria, I really like all of your ideas in this story!! I love that you grabbed a bat for protection and that the misty bathroom showed you that there was someone in the shower - how clever! You used some good vocabulary as well to add more detail and information to your story - ka pai!