Tuesday, 22 May 2018

bastion points

    Bastion points facts

Facts 1 #  bastion points the
land was occupied by Ngati
what and before the
of new     Zealand it was
part of important lands for the
iwiw tribe overlooking rich fishing
and farming areas.

Facts 2#  Bastion point new Zealand they began to buy land
from iwi. Pakea were very eager
to buy land so that they could
settle in New Zealand

Facts 3 #  Bastion point is This
promontory above Tāmaki Drive
has come to symbolize Māori land
issues. It was given to the Crown
by Ngāti Whātua as a defense site
during the Russian scare of 1885.
In 1977–78 a 506-day protest
against a proposed Crown sale was
held there.  

Facts 4 # On 25 May 1978, when
the government sent in a massive
force of police and army
personnel to evict the occupiers,
protesters were arrested and their
temporary meeting house,
buildings, and gardens were

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